Boundary elimination overlay for 480, 602, and 623 NPAs




What's happening? 

In August of 2023, a boundary elimination overlay for the 480, 602, and 623 numbering plan areas (NPAs) will take effect. 

A boundary elimination overlay is a form of NPA relief, in which the boundary between existing non-exhausting NPAs and the exhausting NPA is eliminated. This means that all of the area codes serve the same geographic area, forming an overlay. This boundary elimination will result in the boundaries between the 480, 602, and 623 NPAs being removed and will require l0-digit dialing within and between the affected area codes.

What do I need to know?

This change brings many advantages, such as: 

  • eliminating the need to open a new NPA for the 480 NPA area
  • removing the 3-way split of the Phoenix rate center, making it one rate center again.
  • creating a consistent dialing plan across the entire state of Arizona, as the boundary elimination will require 10-digit dialing for 602 and 623 NPAs, and the FCC's requirement for the National Suicide Hotline implementation of the 988 3-digit dialing code requires the 480, 520 and 928 NPAs to transition to 10-digit dialing
  • being a more efficient use of resources

Additionally, this change does not require existing customers to change their area code/phone number.


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