How do I download my Bandwidth invoice?


Douglas Sessions



To download your Bandwidth invoice, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Insights and select Billing.
  3. Click the Type drop-down and select Invoices.


  1. Under Date range, choose if you want to download your invoice for the Previous Month, Current Month, or a Custom time frame.
    • Note: Invoices are delivered on the 7th of every month. If the 7th isn't within your search parameters you will receive the error "No billing reports found."


  1. Once you're ready, click Submit to download a PDF and a CSV into your web browser.
    • Note: If you don't see the files, check the Downloads section in your web browser or the Downloads folder on your computer.
  2. Once you open the file, you'll find your account number, the invoice number, the invoice due date, and the total amount due on the first page.

For more information, check out our invoicing and payments FAQs.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Billing Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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