How to Add Endpoints in the 911 Access Portal


Chase Greiser


The 911 Access portal is designed to be a quick and efficient way to keep connected with 911 endpoints. An endpoint is a record which pairs a telephone number with a provisioned emergency address.

To begin, log into the 911 Access portal.
From the top navigation menu, click 'Emergency' and then 'Endpoints'
Type the number into the 'Telephone Number' field and the end-user's name into the 'Caller Name' field.
Then click 'Create,' and confirm the success prompt by clicking 'Yes'
You will now be taken to the endpoint information page. Under the 'Current Addresses' section, click 'Add Address'
Type the address into into the required fields provided. If you are unsure or have trouble validating, you may use the Geocode Assistance tools to find the proper formatting of the address in question.
We also offer a section to add comments. When adding comments, keep in mind they’re for your internal use only and do not display to the 911 operator.
Once the form is complete, click ’Ok’.
You may see a prompt with ‘Possible Addresses’. Select the correct one to add to the endpoint and click ’Ok’.
 The next prompt is to activate the address. Select ‘Yes’, and a message will be displayed confirming the address is provisioned. Click ‘Ok’.

Once you’ve finished this process, you’ll be returned to the Endpoint Information screen that provides a useful summary of your endpoint information.

At the bottom of the screen will be the current activated address. If the banner displays in Green, this means that the address is properly provisioned. If the banner displays in Red, that means that the address is not validated or provisioned correctly.


Notes about the Endpoint Information screen:

  • The 911 Access portal can support up to three addresses on file, but only ONE can be active at a time. To change which address is active, click the lightswitch icon with the green checkmark. To delete an address, click the ‘red circle and slash’ icon.
  • Once validated, you may click the ‘Provisioned PSAP Information’ link to see which public safety access point, or PSAP, would answer a 911 call in an emergency situation. For placing 911 test calls, we also advise that you use the ‘Direct Emergency Phone Number’ to request approval prior to placing test calls.

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