How to Dispute a Charge from Bandwidth


Chase Greiser



Upon reviewing your Bandwidth invoice, if there's a charge you would like to dispute, please open a ticket with our Billing team.

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Support Center.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click 'Submit Ticket.'
  3. In this form, choose ‘Billing and Payments Support’ from the ‘Area of support’ drop-down menu.
  4. In the ‘Subject’ line, type ‘Billing Dispute.’
  5. In the ‘Description’ field, please include the following details:
    • Your Billing Account Number
    • Your Invoice Number
    • What line item you're disputing
    • The date of the incorrect charge (if known)
    • The exact amount being disputed (or a general amount, if the exact one isn't available)
    • The reasoning behind the disputed amount, as well as any other relevant information

To remain in good standing, please adhere to the following guidelines when disputing a charge:

  • All Billing Dispute tickets must be submitted prior to the due date of the specific invoice.
  • While disputing charges, payment of the undisputed balance is still due on the date indicated on the invoice.
  • All short payments must be accompanied with a dispute ticket to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • Please note that suspension notices are automatic and will likely still be sent. However, if short payments are accompanied with a dispute ticket, you will not be suspended. 

To dispute taxes on an invoice, send all of the same information to To learn more about tax exemption, please refer to our other video on How to Apply for Tax Exempt Status with Bandwidth.

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