Benefits to Ordering Telephone Numbers by Rate Center vs. City


Chase Greiser


Let’s talk about the search parameters available when ordering new numbers through the Bandwidth Dashboard.  

From the top navigation menu, hover over ‘Orders’ and click ‘Order new numbers.’
From this page, you have the option to narrow your search by ‘State/Province and City’ or “State/Province and Rate Center”, among other options.  
  • A rate center is a geographical area used by a Local Exchange Carrier to determine the boundaries for local calling, billing and assigning phone numbers.
  • Typically a call within a rate center is local, while a call from one rate center to another may be considered a long-distance call.
  • Although city names can often match rate center names, Cities and rate centers are not a one to one match.  Ordering by Rate center will expand your search to a larger geographical area.

Rate centers are chosen by the industry, not by Bandwidth and all carriers order new numbers at the Rate Center level.

So remember, the next time you order new numbers from Bandwidth, be sure to search by Rate Center to enhance your results and increase your chances of success!

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