How to Enable SMPP SMS and MM4 Messaging in the Bandwidth Dashboard


Chase Greiser



With Bandwidth Messaging services, software developers and service providers can seamlessly enable Bandwidth dashboard telephone numbers to send and receive messages via SMPP and/or MM4 protocol.

Bandwidth supports MMS in both directions, inbound and outbound over long codes. Once contracted for these services, to begin utilizing your Bandwidth Dashboard numbers for messaging, you will first need to enable your Locations.


01.png From the top Navigation menu, click 'Account' and then 'Locations'
02.png Click ‘edit’ by the Location you wish to enable.
03.png From this page, mark the ‘SMS enabled’ checkbox.
04.png Next, enable 'Toll Free' messaging and 'Short Codes' by marking their corresponding checkboxes.
05.png Zone 1 will be enabled by default.  To configure the numbers on this Location for International SMS, mark the checkboxes to enable international zones.
  Note: These options will be disabled if your account is not contracted for these messaging features.  If you'd like to add these features to your suite of messaging products, feel free to reach out to your Sales representative!
06.png Type in your SMS IP Addresses.  If you have multiple, click the plus sign to populate additional fields.
07.png Your  ‘Connection type’ will default to ‘Transceiver’


MMS via MM4

01.png To enable the Location for 'MMS,' mark the ‘MMS enabled' checkbox.
02.png Set your 'MMS Protocol' to 'MM4'

Type in your 'MM4 Termination hosts' for outbound MMS and your 'MM4 Origination hosts' for inbound MMS.

  • Note: Only IP addresses are accepted. Bandwidth has to whitelist these IP addresses before services can be enabled
04.png If you have multiple 'MM4 Origination hosts,' click the plus sign to populate additional fields.

Priority: 0

  • If you have multiple IPs on the same priority (e.g. 0), this will round robin
    between IPs
  • To setup primary/failover, set priority 0 to primary and set priority 1 to
    failover/secondary by selecting arrow next to MM4 Origination Hosts field.

 Finally, click 'Submit'


You will see a quick warning to notify you that the configuration changes will cause a brief interruption of messaging service.  Click ‘Submit’ to proceed.

We did it! The telephone numbers on your Location are now enabled for messaging!  Be sure to rinse and repeat these steps on each Bandwidth Dashboard Location that needs messaging services.

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