How do I enable HTTP SMS and MMS messaging in the Bandwidth Dashboard?


Chase Greiser



To begin utilizing your Bandwidth Dashboard numbers for Messaging APIs, you will first need to enable your Locations for this service. Bandwidth HTTP Messaging enables you to leverage the Bandwidth Dashboard’s rich number management functions and add-on the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS over our Messaging APIs.

SMS settings

Under SMS settings, turn the SMS Enabled switch on to display the available options:

  • Toll Free
  • Short Codes
  • Geographic reach
    • Note: Zone 1 will be enabled by default, but you can configure the numbers on this Location for International SMS. Simply toggle the corresponding boxes on to enable international zones and Canadian SMS. 

Note: These options will be disabled if your account isn’t contracted for these messaging features. If you'd like to add these features to your suite of messaging products, feel free to reach out to your Sales representative! 


Messaging API instructions:

  • SMS Protocol - select HTTP from the drop-down menu.
  • Applications - select the appropriate application from the drop-down menu (this step will be available only after you turn the V2 Messaging toggle on. Click here to learn how to create an application.

MMS settings

Under MMS settings, turn the MMS Enabled switch on to display the available options. 


Messaging API instructions:

  • MMS Protocol - select HTTP from the drop-down menu.
  • Applications - this will automatically select the application specified under the SMS settings section.

The Location is now enabled for HTTP Messaging. Please repeat these steps to enable each Location in the Bandwidth Dashboard that contains numbers that will utilize HTTP Messaging.

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