How to Import Numbers from the Bandwidth Dashboard to your Bandwidth Application Platform Account


Chase Greiser



Bandwidth HTTP V1 Messaging enables you to leverage the Bandwidth Dashboard’s rich number management functions and add-on the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS over our V1 Messaging APIs.

To utilize your Bandwidth Dashboard telephone numbers for HTTP Messaging services, you will need to consider the following prerequisites:

  • The Bandwidth Dashboard Location in which the telephone number resides must be enabled for HTTP messaging.
  • The Telephone Number must be registered for messaging via the ‘Telephone number details page
  • Your telephone number must be imported into your Bandwidth Application Platform account. 

Follow the steps to learn how to complete that last one, how to import your numbers using the user interface.

  1. To begin, log into the Bandwidth Application Platform via
  2. From your navigation menu, select 'My Numbers'
  3. From here, select 'Import Numbers'
    • Number: Type a Bandwidth Dashboard number to be imported.  Be sure to type the number in 10-digit format, without spaces, parentheses, or dashes.
    • Application ID: If you’d like to register the number with an Application for inbound messages, type the ID here.
    • Provider Name: Always set this to 'bandwidth-dashboard'
    • Provider Account ID: This is the Account ID for your Bandwidth Dashboard account.  If you're unsure what this is, consult your invoice or open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to provide it.
    • Provider User Name & Password: These are your credentials for the Bandwidth Dashboard.  We use these to verify that only you are able to access the telephone numbers from your account.
  4. And that’s it. Click 'Import Numbers'


The user interface will display the exact API call that is being sent on the back-end.  For a successful import, you’ll see a ‘201 success’ response code.

The parameters used for an API call are remarkably similar.  For more detailed instructions and API Calls, please review the ‘Import Dashboard Numbers’ article on

And there you have it, your telephone numbers are now ready for you to begin sending and receiving messages via our Messaging APIs.


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