How to Set a User's Password as an Account Administrator in the Bandwidth Dashboard


Chase Greiser


Users with account administrator rights in the Bandwidth Dashboard can reset other user's passwords or send them password reset emails.

Note: If you do not have access to User Administration, please review How to Enable Enhanced User Management in the Bandwidth Dashboard.


To reset a user's password:

01.png Login to the Bandwidth Dashboard.
02.png From the top navigation menu, hover over ‘Account’ and then click on ‘Users’.
03.png Click to open the user account you would like to update.
04.png You may either set a 'New password' or click 'Send Reset Link' to the user's email address on file.
05.png Click ‘Save Changes’.


If a user is locked out of the Bandwidth Dashboard:

01.png Click the ‘slider switch’ so the 'Access to New User Profile' text turns dark gray.
02.png Click ‘Save Changes’.


If you are the Admin user and are unable to login, please open a ticket with and we'll get you sorted!

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