Chase Greiser


The NENA Company ID in the 911 ALI record allows the PSAP to quickly identify the Access Infrastructure Provider and/or Data Provider for the caller’s telephone number, and to determine the 24x7 number of the company for emergency contact needs.  

Bandwidth requires a NENA ID because multiple Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) throughout the country require those IDs to be sent along with the address at the time of a 911 call.

All Bandwidth customers must register with the National Emergency Number Association so that a PSAP can quickly contact your company in case of service-impacting issues, misroutes, or address discrepancies.  A NENA Company ID is an added layer of protection for your end-users and customers to whom you provide your services.

To remain in compliance and secure a NENA Company ID, perform the following steps to register with the National Emergency Number Association:

  1. Navigate to the National Emergency Number Association website
  2. Select the link under the ‘Applying for a NENA Company ID/Updating an Existing Company ID’ section and complete the form.
  3. Typically it takes about 5-7 business days for NENA to return your ID, and at that point, your organization will be listed on the NENA Database.

The 'Company Identifier code' (3-5 characters) that you set upon submission will become your NENA ID.

Once the NENA Company ID has been processed and assigned, NENA will invoice the company for the applicable Annual Fee. For telecommunications entities with 0 to 24,999 access lines under their control, this is $250 annually.

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