Bandwidth toll-free verification handbook  


Alyssia Johnson


This article serves as a guide to ensure Bandwidth has the preliminary information needed to process your toll-free (TF) verification form. The toll-free verification form can be found here.                                         

What is toll-free verification? 

The toll-free verification process qualifies messaging traffic to be tagged as verified with our downstream peers (not directly with mobile operators). The approved tag reduces the number of false-positive blocks and helps increase the message deliverability on a single toll-free number (TFN). 

Verification is not whitelisting, so approval doesn’t guarantee that the customer won’t experience any blocking. However, as long as the sent traffic aligns with the verification application, this allows us to work with our peers more swiftly in order to share the campaign details with the mobile operator and ask for the blocking to be removed.

Toll-free verification timelines

Once the Bandwidth Campaign Team receives the form, it’ll be submitted within 24 hours. Upon submission, it can take up to 3 business days for a single toll-free number request and up to 5 business days for multiple toll-free number requests to receive a response from our peer confirming approval, denial, or asking clarifying questions.

Unlike 10DLC, where most campaigns receive an immediate and automated rating, toll-free verification requests are reviewed manually by our peer. For batch/bulk submissions, turnaround times may vary.

There are several factors that may cause a delay in processing:

  • High volume of incoming requests
  • Incomplete or unclear fields
  • Multiple submissions
  • Multiple toll-free numbers on a request

Please make sure to submit detailed, high-quality forms. It’ll help make the process easier to review and approve!

Submitting a toll-free verification brief


  • Make sure the opt-in flow is thoroughly detailed. 
  • Provide a screenshot and/or URL of the opt-in flow or verbiage. This is required for marketing use cases.
  • Consumer consent should be collected by the direct (first) party sending the messages. 

Note: Consent cannot be acquired from a third party. Third-party opt-in is not supported and is ineligible for verification.

Use one recognizable number

Each message sender (business/entity/organization) should be utilizing only one primary sending number. Using a single number for messaging is not only a best practice but also a better user experience overall for the consumer!

In the case of a business/entity/organization with multiple locations or franchises, each location or franchise should have their own number. There is to be one number per message sender. Shared numbers (numbers used by multiple businesses) are disallowed and ineligible for verification. 

We understand there are use cases that require more than one sending number. For use cases that have multiple sending numbers, you'll be asked to upload an excel file with the business name associated with each TFN. For bulk/batch submissions, turnaround times will vary.

Sharing of end-user information

The sharing and selling of end-user information with third parties for marketing purposes violates both the Bandwidth's policy and our peers’ messaging policies and is therefore ineligible for verification.

Ineligible use cases

High-Risk Financial Services Get Rich Quick Schemes Debt Forgiveness Illegal Substances/ Activities General

Payday loans

Short-term, high-interest loans

Auto loans

Mortgage loans

Student loans



Stock alerts


Debt consolidation

Debt reduction

Credit repair programs

Deceptive work from home programs

Multi-level marketing

Work from home programs

Risk investment opportunities

Debt collection or consolidation



Tobacco or vape


Fraud or scams

Deceptive marketing


Profanity or hate speech

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the minimum requirements to get verified?

  • Toll-free number(s)
    • CSV file with TFNs and business names for batch submissions
  • Verification brief with the required fields completed
  • The use case is not listed on our Ineligible Use Case list
  • Opt-in process is documented/detailed
    • Screenshot and/or URL is required for marketing use cases
  • Bandwidth and Carrier Best Practices (CTIA guidelines) are being followed

How do I submit a toll-free verification form? 

Click here to submit a verification form. 


What are the benefits of going through the verification process?

  • Reduced amount of false-positive blocks
  • Faster resolution for deliverability issues
  • Increased protection for your customer’s brand

Can I whitelist campaigns? 

Verification is not whitelisting. Verification doesn’t systematically remove or prevent any spam blocking. However, it’ll put the use case on file with our peers so that we can work with them more quickly if the messages are blocked. Verification only impacts active deliverability with our toll-free messaging partner and not mobile carriers.

What happens if I don’t get approved for verification?

You can still send traffic on the toll-free number even if the campaign is not approved for verification. It just won’t have the extra layer of protection to help maximize deliverability and quicker resolution time.

My verified toll-free number(s) got blocked. Can I unblock it? 

Yes, please open a support ticket with our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). If the number is already verified, please share this information in the ticket for a quicker resolution. 

How many numbers can I submit at once?

The verification process is designed to verify a single number with a single-use case. We do, however, understand that there are other use cases that require more than one number. 

Please be sure to explain the business reason behind utilizing multiple phone numbers. If the information is not mentioned, they may deny the request or ask for additional information. 

Can a reseller get all of their numbers verified? 

Verification is meant for the end business actually sending the message traffic and not for the reseller. We're not able to verify numbers at the platform level. 

Can I submit verification requests via API?

Unfortunately, we're not able to accept toll-free verification requests via API at this time. 

My customer has numbers that were previously verified via their prior provider. What is the process of re-confirming verification through Bandwidth? 

We ask that you provide a list of all the numbers that will be ported into our network and send it to If applicable, please attach any previously approved verification forms and/or ticket numbers. 

Toll-free campaign brief fields and descriptions

Bandwidth Customer Name: The name of the Bandwidth customer completing the form.

Compliance Point of Contact: Name: The compliance contact should be at the direct Bandwidth customer's company.

Compliance Point of Contact: Phone: The phone number of the point of contact (POC).

Compliance Point of Contact: Email: The email address of the POC.

Compliance Point of Contact: Address: The business address of the POC.

Message Sender: Legal Company Name: The legal company name of the business sending the actual messages to consumers.

Organization Type: Use the drop-down menu to select the type of the message sender company.

Message Sender: State of Incorporation: The state where the message sender company was registered.

Message Sender Primary Company Address or Corporate Headquarters: The primary/corporate address of the message sender.

Campaign Description: Please describe your use case and the purpose of your messages (i.e. appointment reminders, receipts, etc.)

What type of messages are being sent? Use the drop-down menu to select an option that best describes your message type:

  • Conversational: Conversational messaging is a one-to-one message exchange between a business and an end user (recipient). 
    • Please provide supporting information of how opt-in is collected: Please describe how potential subscribers are opted in to receive messages. 
  • Informational: These messages inform your customers of things like service updates, appointments, and scheduling. Informational messages do not sell or promote anything regarding the business. 
    • Please provide supporting information of how opt-in is collected: Use the drop-down menu to select an option that best describes how subscribers opt into the messaging program:
      • IVR: A potential subscriber provides their consent via an interactive voice response.
      • Keyword: A potential subscriber texts a keyword (i.e JOIN) to opt into a messaging program.
      • POS or other on-site location: A potential subscriber provides their consent at the point of sale or other on-site location.
      • Via paper form: A potential subscriber provides their consent at an in-person location via a paper form. 
      • Weblink/URL: A potential subscriber enters their telephone number through a website to opt into a messaging program.
      • Other: Use this field to detail any other type of opt-in not listed above.
  • Marketing: A text message sent that contains a sales or marketing promotion. 
    • Please provide supporting information of how opt-in is collected: Use the drop-down menu to select an option that best describes how subscribers opt into the messaging program (see the list above).
    • A screenshot and/or URL will be required to move forward.

Sample Messages: Please include 1-3 variations of the messages you intend to send.

Please choose the category that best represents your use case/content: Use the drop-down menu to select a category that closely resembles your use case. 

Are you using more than one sending number?

  • No: Select this option if you're not using more than one sending number.
    • Phone Number associated with this campaign: Please provide the number associated with the campaign.
  • Yes: Select this option if you're using more than one sending number.
    • Please describe the business use for using more than one sending number: Please describe why the campaign is using more than one toll-free number to send messaging traffic.
    • Toll-Free Number list: Attach an excel file listing the toll-free numbers and the business name associated with each of them.

Estimated Monthly Message Volume: Use the drop-down menu to select a number that best represents the estimated monthly message volume.

Canadian Traffic: Please choose the appropriate drop-down selection if a majority of the traffic is expected to be delivered to Canadian handsets. 

Supporting Documentation: Please attach any additional information that would be useful.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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