Toll-free verification


Alyssia Johnson


This article serves as a guide to ensure Bandwidth has the preliminary information needed to process your toll-free verification form. 

Note: To determine if you’re eligible for toll-free verification and to obtain the form, please reach out to your Account Manager or open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team.

Toll-free verification form checklist 

Here are the main fields we’ll need clear and concise responses to in order to process the request efficiently and provide timely updates. 


Consumer consent should be collected by the direct (first) party sending the messages: 

  • Consent should not be acquired from a third party.
    • Third-party opt-in is not supported and is not eligible for verification
  • Make sure the opt-in flow is thoroughly detailed. 
  • If applicable, provide a screenshot of the opt-in.

One recognizable number

When possible, using a single number for messaging is not only a best practice, but also a better user experience overall!

Verifying multiple toll-free numbers

If there are multiple toll-free numbers listed on a campaign form, you must also include:

  • The business reason for utilizing multiple sending numbers.
  • A .csv file of the business name associated with each toll-free number.

Sharing the end user information

The sharing and selling of end user information with third parties for marketing purposes violates both the Bandwidth's policy and our peers’ messaging policies, and is therefore ineligible for verification.

Frequently asked questions 

What is toll-free verification? 

The toll-free verification process qualifies messaging traffic to be tagged as verified with our downstream peers (not directly with mobile operators). The approved tag reduces the number of false-positive blocks and helps increase the message deliverability on a single toll-free number. 

Verification is not whitelisting, so approval doesn’t guarantee that the customer won’t experience any blocking. However, as long as the sent traffic aligns with the verification application, this allows us to work with our peers more swiftly in order to share the campaign details with the mobile operator and ask for the blocking to be removed.

Where does the form go once it’s submitted? 

The Bandwidth Campaign Team gets automatically notified once the verification request is submitted.

How are the submissions being tracked? 

Currently, we manually submit each brief to our downstream peer. We’ll send a status email to the compliance contact indicated on the verification request once the form has been submitted for processing. 

How fast is the form submitted and processed?

Once the Bandwidth Campaign Team receives the form, it’ll be submitted within 24 hours. It can take up to 3 business days for a single toll-free number request and up to 5 business days for multiple toll-free number requests to be processed.

There are several factors that may cause a delay in processing:

  1. High volume of incoming requests
  2. Incomplete or unclear submissions
  3. Multiple submissions
  4. Multiple toll-free numbers on a request

Please make sure to submit detailed, high-quality forms. It’ll help make the process easier to review and approve!

Can I whitelist campaigns? 

Verification doesn’t systematically remove or prevent any spam blocking. However, it’ll put the use case on file with our peers, so that we can work with them more quickly if the messages are blocked. Verification is only visible to and used by our peers and not downstream carriers.

What happens if I don’t get approved for verification?

Customers can still send traffic on the toll-free number even if the campaign is not approved for verification. It just won’t have the extra layer of protection to help maximize deliverability and quicker resolution time.

When can my customer start sending traffic?

There’s no official approval process for pre-approving toll-free traffic in the messaging ecosystem, so it's important to note that customers can begin sending traffic at any time. 

Why is the end user information required per toll-free number?

Since verification provides a higher level of message resiliency (i.e., lower chance of false positives, faster time to resolution for deliverability issues), we ask for the end user business name assigned to the toll-free number. This adds the confidence level necessary to provide the above enhancements to our peers. It’s their expectation that the aggregators know their customers and can provide this information when submitting the messaging traffic for verification.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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