Costs associated with 10DLC


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Registration costs

The following fees are assessed by The Campaign Registry (TCR) and will be charged by TCR directly if you choose to register through them. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss the costs of registering through Bandwidth. Not sure who your Account Manager is? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

Fee Type Cost Frequency
Platform $200 to register as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with TCR One time
Brand Registration $4 per brand Non-recurring
Brand Reverify (optional) $4 per brand Non-recurring
Third-Party Brand Vetting (optional) $40 per brand Non-recurring 
Enhanced Vet (optional) $95 per brand Non-recurring
Political Vet

$65 (email/standard PIN delivery)

$91.95 (express mail PIN delivery)

Failed Standard Vet

$5 each

Failed Political Vet

$22 each

Vetting Appeal

$10 each

Standard Campaign $10 per campaign Monthly
Special Campaign $10 per campaign Monthly
Agents & Franchises Campaign $30 per campaign Monthly
Low Volume/Class T Campaign $1.50 per campaign Monthly
Charity Campaign $3 per campaign Monthly
Emergency Campaign $5 per campaign Monthly
Sole Proprietor Campaign* $2 per campaign Monthly

Note: Bandwidth does not currently support Sole Proprietor brands or campaigns

Each campaign has an initial 3-month commitment, and you'll continue to be charged for it even if you cancel before the 3-month mark. As of October 6, 2022, the 3-month minimum no longer applies to political campaigns.

Additional registration costs

Campaign Vetting – $15 per vetting event.

Carrier fees

Per-message carrier surcharges can be found in this article. For more information on each carrier's 10DLC program, please visit the following links:

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