How do I troubleshoot an unknown error in the Bandwidth Dashboard?


Tony Fiorentino



I’ve run into an unknown error in the Bandwidth Dashboard. How can I troubleshoot it?



Whenever you run into an error in the Bandwidth Dashboard, it will typically describe the issue (e.g., invalid address, invalid file type, etc.) so that you can resolve it on your own. Occasionally, however, you may encounter an unknown error, like the one above, which requires additional troubleshooting. First, please try to:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Clear your cache and cookies
  3. Open the page in incognito mode
  4. Open the page in a different browser 

If the error persists, please complete the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the page to open a menu and then select Inspect.

Note: You can also use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + i in Windows Chrome or Option + Command + i in Mac Chrome.


  1. The Inspect Tool will automatically open on the Elements page. To navigate to the network logs, click >> and select Network.  


  1. Make sure that you’re recording your network logs (you should see a red circle; if that circle is grey, click it to start the recording).
  2. Click the button next to the red circle (white circle with a diagonal slash) to clear the network logs. This will ensure that you’re capturing only the necessary data relevant to the error you’ve encountered.


  1. Without exiting the Inspect Tool, repeat the action on the Bandwidth Dashboard that led to the error in the first place. If you notice the red text in the network logs, it means the error message has been successfully recorded.


  1. Click the Export HAR button (highlighted in the image below) to generate the HAR file. The information in this file will help us investigate the root cause of the error.


  1. Open a ticket with the Bandwidth Support Team and attach the HAR file along with any other relevant information.

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