Why did my anonymous call fail?


Ryan Long


Although an anonymous call can fail for a few different reasons downstream, including because the called party doesn't accept this call type, it's important to ensure the format you send your anonymous call with is correct for the industry and our network. If the formatting is incorrect, the call may be blocked by our network.

the P-Asserted Identity or Remote-Party-ID headers within the SIP INVITE message when sending an anonymous call across the Bandwidth network. You should also include a Privacy header with a value set to "full" or "id" to the anonymous call is handled properly. When using the Privacy header, you don't need to restrict the presentation of any calling number information as this header will prompt our network to restrict these values automatically.

If you're having issues with anonymous calls and believe it may be related to this formatting, please reach out to the Bandwidth Support Team to assist you in reviewing them.

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