Why did I get a 9902 or 902 error for SMS?


Kierstyn Myers


A 9902 or 902 DLR error is not an indication of message failure. Most of the time, it simply means Bandwidth didn't receive a DLR from the termination carrier within the 2-hour timeframe we allow a DLR to be returned.

DLRs are not guaranteed and are considered a lower priority for carriers to return, where priority is given to routing normal messaging traffic.

Common causes for 9902/902 SMS errors

High messaging network levels with the termination carrier 

There's a higher chance of a 9902 or 902 error being returned during times of high traffic volumes, such as holidays.

Termination carrier doesn't support DLRs 

A 9902 or 902 error may be returned if the destination carrier doesn't support DLRs in their network. Certain carriers don't support returning DLRs. You can see which carriers support final DLRs in our Messaging Carrier Reach Matrix.

The allotted time window for a DLR response has closed

A 9902 or 902 error may occur if a positive/negative DLR wasn't returned within the 2-hour time frame we allow.

NNID/ESPID on Hosted Number is incorrect

If a recently Hosted Number for SMS is receiving a 9902 or 902 error, this may indicate the ESPID/NNID of the Hosted Number didn't fully broadcast in the industry. To correct this, please re-import the number for hosting in your account. If, after re-import, a 9902 or 902 error persists, please open a ticket with our Line Features Support Team and attach a signed LOA (from the last 30 days) for quicker service.

If you've confirmed the message didn't make it to the handset, please open a ticket with our Technical Support Team and attach your messaging examples so that our teams can help troubleshoot further. 

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