Check that your 10DLC messaging campaigns are compliant




What's happening?

As your messaging provider, it is our goal to help you stay in the know when it comes to the messaging industry. We are entering a season where the messaging industry typically sees higher volumes of traffic, and we have already seen cases where messages that do not meet current messaging standards are being blocked. Therefore, we’re reaching out to remind you to check that your traffic is fully registered and compliant

When a campaign is promoting prohibited content, lacking valid opt-in, sending traffic different from its sample content, or otherwise not up to current standards, the campaign may have its traffic blocked or be suspended. When a campaign is suspended, the telephone numbers will no longer be registered, and are subject to unregistered surcharges. 

What do I need to know?

We have several resources you can review to ensure that your 10DLC campaigns follow best practices:

What do I need to do?

Please review your active campaigns to ensure that:

  • The content being sent matches what was described during the campaign registration process 
  • The content being sent is not considered prohibited content
  • The campaigns collect proper opt-in
    • Privacy policy does not commit to selling/sharing personal information with third parties
  • The campaigns are compliant with current vetting standards 
    • Campaigns should contain message flows and calls to action

Note: You need to pay extra attention to campaigns that were submitted prior to the manual vetting process, which began on January 26th, 2023. 

If your campaigns are not up to the standards in the best practices above, please update them with the necessary information, or create a new campaign as needed. 


Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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