Understanding SPAM complaints


Courtney Burke


What is a SPAM complaint? 

A SPAM complaint, also known as a 7726 complaint, is a method used by most mobile consumers to report unwanted SMS messages or phone calls to their respective carriers. The number 7726 stands for SPAM on an alphanumeric keypad. 

A high amount of SPAM complaints mixed with a high percentage of opt-out rates can cause a downstream peer and/or carrier to implement a block against the sending number. 

How can I reduce SPAM complaints on my campaign? 

The following methods are not exhaustive but we recommend implementing them since they greatly reduce customer complaint rates on messaging campaigns:

  • Work with your customer to scrub their opt-in list to ensure that only recently opted-in handsets are receiving messages. Also, ensure that you're removing any people who are requesting to opt out of the campaign.
  • Have your customer implement a double opt-in method. A double opt-in adds an additional layer of verification to signify a higher level of user interest in receiving messages for the campaign. 

Implementing one or both of the above methods should help bring the overall opt-out rate down to a reasonable amount for the carriers to review for remediation. For additional best practices on how to reduce SPAM complaints, see our messaging compliance best practices.

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