BTN / ATN Mismatch - Error Code E14


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E14 and/or with a message indicating 'BTN Mismatch', 'ATN Mismatch', 'Wrong BTN' or something similar.

BTN = Billing Telephone Number (oddly enough, this is generally NOT the account telephone number displayed on the bill copy).

ATN = Account Telephone Number

They are both essentially the same thing, but can be differently categorized between carriers.

What does this mean?

When Bandwidth submits a port request to a carrier, we provide the BTN/ATN to the carrier that you've populated on the order.  The carrier will take that BTN and search for their customers CSR (Customer Service Record) to obtain all of the account details in an effort to approve the port request.  If the BTN provided on the order does not allow the carrier to pull up the account records, they will reject it back to us indicating the BTN is incorrect.

How do I resolve it?

This one is tough because typically Bandwidth is unable to pull a CSR on your behalf with a BTN that is incorrect.  The end user will need to contact their carrier and ask them for a CSR (they have other ways of identifying the account when the end user calls, than if Bandwidth tries).  The CSR should detail everything on the account, and provide the valid BTN.  The end user might just ask the carrier at that time what the proper BTN is as well since some carriers won't provide a CSR to the end user, and will only provide it to the asking carrier.  As long as we have the correct BTN, we should be able to assist you in pulling the rest of the customer's records.

Important Information:

A BTN can usually NOT be obtained from a bill copy, unless in the case of wireless porting or toll free porting.

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