Pending Order - Error Code E19


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E19 and/or with a message indicating 'Pending Order on TN', 'Pending Order', 'Port in Progress', etc.

What does this mean?

A pending order can be anything from another port request that has been submitted with this same number, a feature add or disconnect, address change, etc.  If there is an active order on the customer's account, it will prevent porting.  Even if the customer only called in to request a name change, or a change in a billing address...they all contribute to a pending order rejection.

How do I resolve it?

If the customer is not sure what the pending order is, they will need to contact the carrier to resolve.  Sometimes a customer will request a change to their account, and for whatever reason the work order gets 'stuck' in some sort of queue on the carrier's side and therefore never hits a completion stage.

Bandwidth will resume porting as soon as the pending order is complete.

Important Information:

Never make any changes to a customer's account before requesting to port as it may cause costly delays. 

Bandwidth cannot remove any pending orders on behalf of the customer.



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