DSL / Dryloop - Error Code E25


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E25 and/or with the 'DSL on the line' or 'Dryloop'.

What does this mean?

DSL is an internet service. If DSL exists, unless the DSL provider allows Dryloop, an associated phone number is probably needed for that connection. This error likely came about because the customer is trying to port away the phone number associated with the DSL account. 

How do I resolve it?

Generally, the end user has two options:  a) provide a new number to be used in conjunction with the existing DSL service, if the end user wishes to keep this service connected; b) disconnect the DSL service, then submit the port request. However, this is not always the case with every single carrier.  Please contact our team for additional assistance with this if the error message is unclear.

Important Information:

If a number or account with DSL is ported without the end user taking care of the DSL service, the DSL runs the risk of being completely disconnected.


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