Distinctive Ring, Hunt Groups, Centrex, RCF, ISDN Features (E6a) (E6b) (E6c) (E6g) (E6f)


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as one of the below error codes, or it may display with a name and description.

E6a - Distinctive Ring

E6b - Hunt Group

E6c - Centrex

E6g - RCF - Remote Call Forward

E6f - ISDN


What does this mean?

Some features on a End User's account prevent number porting.  The ones listed above are a few of the more common features that prevent number porting or cause other porting delays.


How do I resolve it?

For Distinctive Ring - the End User generally needs to disconnect this feature

For Hunt Group - the end user MAY need to disconnect.  Please review the error message for any specifics.  Sometimes, the customer may just need to provide a new number as the lead number in the hunt group, or may need to simply be 'in the know' that porting a number that's part of a hunt group will alter the way the hunt group currently performs.

For Centrex Service - the End User generally needs to disconnect this feature.

For Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) - the End User generally needs to disconnect this feature or turn it off.

For ISDN - the End User may need to disconnect and/or provide a new number to keep the services in tact.


Important Information:

When these rejections arise, the customer is generally required to make changes to their account with their current carrier.  This causes a work order to be placed on the line, which prevents Bandwidth from moving forward with the order until the work order is complete.  Once the customer has called their carrier to make these changes, please find out when the work order will be complete (usually 1-10 days depending on the level of work involved).  When the work is complete, you can then 'SUPP' your order in the portal to get it moving forward again, or ask our LNP team for assistance in resubmitting the request.



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