Supplemental (SUPP) Requests


Anna Kafka


Need to submit a SUPP request? Check out this article!

The word ‘SUPP’ is short for supplemental and refers to an additional request that is sent on an LNP order to the losing carrier, generally making a change to the order in some fashion.  A SUPP can be anything from changing the due date (most common) to correcting something on the order due to a rejection.

Bandwidth allows up to three (3) SUPP requests on any order after FOC is received as many carriers will cancel an order on the 4th SUPP received.  Once FOC is received a SUPP request is only sent in an attempt to change the desired due date.  SUPP requests cannot be sent to the carrier with a new due date (whether it’s after FOC is received or before), for anything more than a 30-day interval from the current business date.  Any SUPP request submitted less than 48-hours before FOC date is considered best effort which means there is the possibility that the numbers may still port on their original FOC date.  Additionally, the original FOC date may be lost and the order may need to be restarted once a SUPP is issued.

There may be costs associated with SUPP transactions.  If Bandwidth incurs additional costs as a result of customer requested SUPPs, these costs will be passed along to the customer.


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