How long does it take to port a phone number?


Molly Katolas


Bandwidth abides by applicable FCC standards, requirements, and recommendations for number porting. Please keep in mind, however, that industry standards and practices are subject to change. The type of port request you submit can affect porting timeframes – the table below should provide a better idea of what to expect. If the port order is taking longer than the estimated porting interval and hasn't yet received a rejection of any kind, please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Porting Team.

Port type Estimated porting interval
Standard or off-net port 3-7 business days 
Simple port 1-2 business days
Complex or non-­simple port 3-4 weeks
Project port 3-4 weeks
Toll-free port 3-7 business days

Note: Estimated porting intervals are contingent upon the authorized end user’s information provided to Bandwidth being correct and matching the current/losing carrier’s applicable records. If the information doesn't match, the port request will take longer. Since Bandwidth can't predict any errors in processing, or the behaviors of other carriers, all porting intervals stated above represent Bandwidth’s goal to get the order completed but can't be guaranteed for all cases.

Ready to port your numbers to Bandwidth? Check out this support article to get started!

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