How to Submit an Expedite Request


Anna Kafka



An expedite request is a customer-initiated request that aims to shorten the timeframe of a specific LNP request, such as a FOC or a cancellation request. Typically, once the order is submitted through the Bandwidth Dashboard, we must wait 3 full business days before requesting an update from the losing carrier.  To hasten the porting process, you may request an Expedite.

Bear in mind, an Expedite may incur additional charges.  These charges are outlined in your contract.


You may request an Expedite by creating a ticket with our porting team after the Port-In order has been submitted via the Bandwidth Dashboard and a PON has been generated.

For more information on this topic, review "How to Port Telephone Numbers into Bandwidth."

We highly recommend that you provide a contact in the porting department of the losing service provider that is willing to assist with the expedite. Remember, while a contact increases the chances of a successful expedite request, expedites are NOT guaranteed and are subject to the losing carrier’s response times and availability.

The Expedite ticket will then enter our high priority queue.  You may dial into our support line 855-864-7776 to have a Bandwidth porting team member look at it immediately.

All updates regarding your expedite request will be provided through your ticket. If the losing carrier agrees to the expedite, you will see the order status reflect 'FOC', for firm order confirmation, with the earliest date available.

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