Unauthorized Port-In


Anna Kafka


Please bear in mind that no provider (Bandwidth included) is immune from occasional inadvertent porting due to unintentional errors during the porting process. The most common errors are likely to occur when submitting the initial port request (e.g. a typo on the porting TN itself). In these cases, the other carrier will contact Bandwidth and request that the number be released back to them and their customer/end user. Bandwidth’s policy on reverse inadvertent porting (i.e. “snapback”) is as follows:

  1. Bandwidth will review the request from the complaining carrier to determine the information used to port the number to Bandwidth and the customer assigned to the number.
  2. Bandwidth will reach out to the customer of record indicating the number was reported as being inadvertently ported to Bandwidth.
  3. Bandwidth will require a valid LOA immediately from the end user (please see Bandwidth’s policy on LOAs). If the LOA is not provided in a timely manner and Bandwidth deems the port was made in error, the number will be released back to the complaining carrier immediately.
  4. Bandwidth will remove the number from provisioning in its portal, thus triggering a port-out notification so that the customer may adjust their records accordingly.

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