What information is required on the LOA?


Anna Kafka


LOAs (Letter of Agency/Authorization) come in many flavors. The key required pieces to the LOA are: 

•    End user name & address that matches the losing carrier's records as well as what is submitted on the order
•    Authorized signature 
•    LOA is dated within 30 days from current date
•    Porting TN(s) are listed on the LOA

Bandwidth does not always require to see the LOA but it does need to be on file with you at all times. In the event that the LOA is requested, it must be provided within one business hour.

The attached LOAs are samples of what a standard and Toll Free LOA might look like. Please feel free to use these as your template and change your branding as you see fit. Some carriers (RespOrgs) require that the LOA they receive be branded with Bandwidth's information for Toll Free numbers, so please keep this in mind. 

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