Account Number Rejections E17A E17B


Taylor Murphy


You may see these errors displayed as the error codes of E17A or E17B, and/or with the description of 'Account Number Required' or 'Account Number Invalid'.

Common Misconception: The abbreviation for account number in number porting is "AN", not "ATN".  ATN stands for Account Telephone Number is a usually a different meaning (interchangeable with BTN) and often times a different number.

What does this mean?

Account Number Required - this means that the carrier is requiring the customer to provide their account number before approving this port.  This generally assists in the verification process to prevent unauthorized ports. The account number is usually different than the ATN/BTN, and is most often found on the customer's bill copy, and sometimes on the CSR.

Account Number Invalid - this means that the account number provided on the order does not match what the carrier has on file. See above topic for information on the account number.

How do I resolve it?

The end user will need to obtain the correct account number, provide it in the order and resubmit. This can usually be found on the bill copy or sometimes on the CSR.

Important Information:

Not all carriers require this information.  It is usually an optional field in the port request form.  Bandwidth has tried to collect data from the different carriers to ensure that when an account number is required, the form will also require it, but that is not always easy to implement as many carrier's rules change often.  If the carrier doesn't require it, and you add it to the port request, it will generally not harm anything if it's incorrect.

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