How do I add outbound Caller ID to a phone number?


Chase Greiser


Note: If you'd like to update numbers in bulk, please refer to this support article

To add an outbound Caller ID (LIDB) to a phone number, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Search Telephone Numbers section on the right side of the home page.
  3. Type or paste the phone number into the Telephone numbers field and click Search.


  1. Click the blue phone number link in the Search Results section. This will take you to the Phone Number Details page.


  1. Once you're on the Phone Number Details page, scroll down to the LIDB Options section.

  1. Under Service Type, indicate the typical use of the phone number: Residential or Business.
  2. Under Display Name, choose whether the caller name should be displayed when calling out.
    • Select Allowed to display the caller name.
    • Select Blocked to block the caller name by default.
  3. Under Name, enter the caller name for the specific number. For example, on a residential account it should be the name of the end customer (e.g., John Doe or John and Jane Doe).
    • Note: The Name field has a 15-character limit. Names such as unavailable or blocked aren't permitted.
  4. Click Save.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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