Invalid Auth Name (AUTHNM) E10a


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E10a and/or with a message indicating 'Invalid Auth Name', 'Wrong Authorized Name', or something similar.

What does this mean?

When you submit an order to Bandwidth, there is a field you'll populate named 'LOA Authorizing Person's Name' or 'Authorized Person'.  This is the printed name of the person who signed the LOA, and this name must match a name the current carrier has on file. If you receive this rejection, the carrier is indicating that the name you provided is incorrect and does not match their records.

How do I resolve it?

Have the end user contact the carrier to obtain the correct name, then resubmit the order with the correct authorizing person's name.

Important Information:

The conflict that most of our customers run into with this rejection is something like this:

Bob started the company in 2002.  He then moved on to another company and hired Sarah to be his new CEO.  However, he never changed his records with the carrier to indicate that Sarah is now the new person in charge.  The port request was submitted with Sarah's name, and she is certainly the one in charge, however the current carrier needs that record to be changed before they'll allow any movement.

Something like this will require that a change be made to the customer's account to reflect Sarah as the new authorized person for the account.  Keep in mind that submitting any orders to the account may then reflect a 'pending order' rejection on the account.  It's best to have this work order completed, THEN resubmit the order with the correct information.

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