Passcode/PIN Required or Invalid E42PWA E42PWB


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E42PWA or E42PWB and/or with a description of 'Passcode/PIN is required' or 'Passcode/PIN is invalid'.

What does this mean?

Some carriers require a PIN/passcode in order to authenticate and approve the port request.

Passcode/PIN Required - indicates that a passcode/PIN was not provided on the order, and needs to be.

Passcode/PIN invalid - indicates that the passcode/PIN supplied on the order is not correct, according to the carrier's records.

How do I resolve it?

It is important to understand that Bandwidth cannot obtain this information on behalf of the customer.  This can only be obtained by the actual customer of record.  Sometimes it will appear on the bill copy (with certain carriers), and the rest of the time the customer will need to contact the carrier to obtain this information.  Once the Passcode/PIN is obtained, simply populate it in the order and resubmit.


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