How do I add or remove DL/DA on a phone number?




Directory Listing and Directory Assistance (DL/DA) makes the phone number, user information, and/or address available in the local White Pages, via 411 assistance, or both. This article explains how you can enable or disable the DL/DA feature on a phone number in the Bandwidth Dashboard. For API information, please see our developer docs

Looking to add or delete DL/DA on multiple phone numbers at once? Check out how to bulk add or remove DL/DA on phone numbers.

Note: You can determine which of your phone numbers have DL/DA enabled by looking at the DL/DA Name and DL/DA Address columns in your Full Phone Number Details report.

How do I add DL/DA to a phone number?

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Search Telephone Numbers section on the right side of the home page.
  3. Enter the phone number and click Search.


  1. Click the blue phone number link in the Search Results section. This will take you to the Phone Number Details page.


  1. Once you're on the Phone Number Details page, scroll down to the Directory Listing/Directory Assistance (DL/DA) section.


  1. Enable Directory ListingDirectory Assistance, or both toggles. Directory Listing will print the information in the local White Pages, while Directory Assistance will link it to 411 and provide any callers with the information specified in a 411 call.
  2. Select Subscriber type: Business or Residential.
  3. If you selected Business, enter the business name in the Sorted name field and use the Extended name field for any portion of the name not important from the sorting perspective. If you selected Residential, simply enter the subscriber's first and last name.

Note: The listing sorts businesses by the complete business name. Therefore, when filling out the Sorted name field, please enter all parts of your business name that you want to be used during sorting.

  1. Enter the preferred address for this listing. If you want to enter additional address fields, such as a number prefix or street suffix, select Show Detailed Form.
  2. Enable Include address with listing if the address should be printed or provided with this listing. If this toggle is not enabled, the listing will provide only the city, state, and name for this number. 
  3. Click Submit.

Note: It may take up to 72 business hours for the information to populate to 411, and up to one business week for it to be added to the local White Pages database. Printed information will appear in the next local White Pages book release, as long as it was provided to the book publisher before the print cut-off date.

How do I remove DL/DA from a phone number?

To remove DL/DA from a phone number or to confirm whether it's already been removed, please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team.

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