How to update line features in bulk in the Bandwidth Dashboard


Molly Katolas


Telephone number line features, such as Call Forwarding, Outbound Caller ID, Inbound Caller ID and Directory Listing/ Directory Assistance (DL/DA) may be imported in bulk via a .CSV spreadsheet. Check out the Bandwidth Learning Lab for more information on updating Line Features for a single telephone number in the Bandwidth Dashboard

Perform the following steps to upload line features in bulk: 

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard. 
  2. From the top Navigation menu, select 'Numbers' > 'Import line features' 
  3. From this page, click the 'Download a template .CSV file' 
  4. Update the Excel. CSV file according to your needs.

        Note: A requirements sheet for the template .csv file can be found below.

  1. .Save your Excel file as a .CSV 
  2. On the Import line features page, click the 'Choose File' button and select your spreadsheet. 
  3. Add a Customer order ID for your reference.
  4. Click 'Upload line options' 

 Requirements for the bulk features upload sheet:

Field Name Feature Field Meaning and Values Spreadsheet Column Header Req'd
Telephone Number ALL 10 Digit US Number  TelephoneNumber Y
Inbound CNAM Display Option CNAM True if CNAM is to be displayed for incoming calls, False otherwise CNAM Display  
CNAM Display Name LIDB Name to display to called party Name  
CNAM Display Service Type LIDB Residential or Business Service Type  
CNAM Display Visibilty LIDB Provide calling name information: Blocked or Allowed Presentation  
 Listing Type DLDA Listed (in DA & Dir) NonListed (in DA Only), NonPublished (No DA & No Dir). Use NonPublished to delete listing ListingType Y
Type of Account DLDA Residence or Business SubscriberType y Y
Listed Name Last DLDA Residential Last Name or the sortable portion of the Business Name.  For business names the sorting order is typically based on the entire business name, so all parts of the business name that need to be sorted should be entered in the Lastname column of the spreadsheet. LastName Y
Listed Name First DLDA First Name or Remaining Name of Business FirstName  
Listed Name First 2 DLDA First name of Second Party. It will be appended to the First Name with an "&" FirstName2  
Designation DLDA Atty, Plmbr, etc… Designation  
Title of Lineage DLDA Jr, Sr, III, IV, etc… TitleOfLineage  
Title of Address DLDA Rev, Sgt, etc… TitleOfAddress  
Title of Address2 DLDA Dr, etc.. TitleOfAddress2  
Title of Lineage for Dual Name DLDA Jr, Sr, III, IV, etc… TitleOfLineageName2  
Title of Address 1 for Dual Name DLDA Rev, Sgt, etc… TitleOfAddressName2  
Title of Address 2 for Dual Name DLDA Dr, etc.. TitleOfAddress2Name 2  
Place Listing As DLDA Business Name Sorting String. This will be used as a string to control the sorting of the Listing if the Business Name above would not yield the correct results. For example, if 1040 Tax was the listed name; the PLA would be populated as either One Zero Forty Tax, Ten Forty Tax, or One Zero Four Zero Tax. The words within the PLA field will tell the publishers how to alphabetize the listed name. PlaceListingAs  
Address Indicator DLDA Used to control whether the address is listed or not.  Set to Fasle to delete listing. ListAddress Y
Listed Address House Number Prefix ADDR Valid USPS Prefix HousePrefix  
Listed Address House Number ADDR Valid USPS House Number HouseNumber  
Listed Address Street No Suffix  ADDR  Valid USPS Street Number Suffix HouseSuffix   
Listed Address Street Directional ADDR N = North, S = South, E = East, W = West, NE = Northeast, NW = Northwest, SE = Southeast, SW = Southwest PreDirectional  
Listed Address Street Name ADDR Valid USPS Street Name StreetName  
Listed Address Street Thoroughfare ADDR  St, Rd, Ct, Dr, etc…  StreetSuffix  
Listed Address Street Directional Suffix ADDR N = North, S = South, E = East, W = West, NE = Northeast, NW = Northwest, SE = Southeast, SW = Southwest PostDirectional  
Listed Address Location ADDR Suite 320, Apartment 104A, 2nd Floor, 3rd Level, etc. AddressLine2  
Listed Address City  ADDR  Valid USPS Community City 
Listed Address State ADDR Valid USPS State StateCode Y
Listed Address Zip Code ADDR Valid USPS Zip Code, zip plus code or international zip code Zip Y

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