Coverage Matrix and other Phone Number Resources


Annalyce Grogan


Please reference our downloadable reports to find Bandwidth's Coverage Matrix (updated January 2019) and other phone number resources such as industry overlay reports and exhausted area code lists! 

Bandwidth Coverage Matrix

This tool is designed to help determine which rate centers Bandwidth supports for ordering and porting phone numbers.

Bandwidth Canadian Area Code Availability

A report of Canadian Area Codes and their availability for ordering phone numbers.

Exhausted U.S. Area Codes

A report of Area Codes that are exhausted. Exhausted means that almost all resources are in use and the industry no longer has available numbers in these area codes.

Industry NPA Overlay Report

A report of Area Codes that have been added to a region that are already serviced by another area code.



A report of Rate Centers and the Area Codes & Exchanges (NPA-NXX) that make up each. The NPA-NXXs in this report show all of the NPA-NXXs that exist in the industry for the rate centers Bandwidth covers. This is not necessarily an indicator of the NPA-NXXs where Bandwidth has available in inventory.

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