Porting Main BTN E6h


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E6h and/or with a message indicating 'Porting Main BTN', or something similar.

BTN = Billing Telephone Number

What does this mean?

If you're porting the BTN to your customer's account and leaving numbers behind, the carrier is going to require that you choose a new BTN to 'hold' the rest of the numbers on the account. 

How do I resolve it?

Have your end user decide which of the remaining numbers they'd like to designate as the new BTN.  Once your end user has determined which number to use, update that information with the LNP team and they will instruct the carrier accordingly.

If the customer is porting all of the phone numbers away, but is keeping other services in tact (e.g., ISDN, DSL), your customer will need to order a new phone number with that carrier to designate as the new BTN.

Important Information:

The BTN for the remaining numbers MUST be a telephone number that already exists on their account.

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