TN not portable E420


Taylor Murphy


You may see this error displayed as the error code of E420 or with a message indicating 'TN Not Portable' or similar.

What does this mean?

This means that the phone number(s) attempting to be ported are in a non-portable status with the current carrier.  There could be a variety of reasons to this, but what we see the most is that the number is no longer active on the customer account, or is 'stuck' in some sort of internal provisioning status.  Most number porting requests go through an automated system, and if the system sees the phone number in anything other than an 'ACTIVE' status, the port will reject. Please note that TNs can be ringing active and still reject for "TN Not Portable" based on the status of the TN with the carrier. 

How do I resolve it?

Have your end user contact their carrier to resolve this.  Generally, they will just call and ask the carrier what the status of the number(s) is and ask them to correct it so that it can be ported.  Once the carrier has done this, you can resubmit your port request with a new due date.

Important Information:

Bandwidth is unable to port any numbers that are inactive.  If it turns out that the number(s) attempting to be ported are no longer associated with the customer's account, there's nothing Bandwidth can do and the end user will have to reconnect with the carrier and attempt to port again. 


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