Billing Detail Record field descriptions


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What is a Billing Detail Record?

A Billing Detail Record (BDR) is a report that documents the details of your voice traffic.

How do I download BDRs?

You can download BDRs in the Bandwidth Dashboard or via API.

What data is provided in BDRs?

BDR fields and their descriptions are listed in the table below. Feel free to download a sample Statement BDR if you'd like to follow along! 

Note: All times are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Field Example Value Type Length Description
AccountNumber 1234567 varchar 15 Customer account number
CallStartDateTime 2015/09/12 10:03:05 AM
2015/10/19 9:12:46 PM
nvarchar 4000 Date/time the call started - UTC
CallEndDateTime 2015/09/12 10:03:05 AM
2015/10/19 9:12:46 PM
datetime 8 Date/time the call ended - UTC
varchar 21 Usage type categorizing the call
CallSource 1NPANXXXXXX varchar 50 "From" telephone number
CallDestination NPANXXXXXX varchar 50 "To" or dialed telephone number
Duration 198 varchar 20 Length of call in seconds (rounded up to nearest 6)
PerMinRate 0.0115 numeric 5 Per-minute rate in customer contract
Amount 0.05175 numeric 5 Total billed amount of call (before taxes)
TierType 0 varchar 5 Tier associated with inbound calls 
SourceCountry US varchar 10 Country of "from" number
SourceState WA varchar 10 State of "from" number
SourceLATA 650 varchar 10 LATA of "from" number
SourceRateCenter SEATTLE varchar 20 Rate Center of "from" number 
DestinationCountry US varchar 10 Country of dialed number
DestinationState CO varchar 20 State of dialed number
DestinationLATA 656 varchar 10 LATA of dialed number
DesinationRateCenter DENVER varchar 50 Rate Center of dialed number
CallID 58337677151 varchar 15 Call record identifier
BdrID 58337677151 varchar 15 Call record identifier
SourceIP varchar 15 IP tied to "from" number
DestinationIP varchar 255 IP tied to dialed number
RateAttempts 1 numeric   Number of times the call record has been rated
LRN 1NPANXXXXXX varchar 50 Location Routing Number tied to the dialed number (if available) 
LocationID 1234 varchar   Customer Location ID in the Bandwidth Dashboard
SubAccountID 1234 varchar  

Customer Sub-account ID in the Bandwidth Dashboard

LocationName ABCD varchar  

Customer Location name in the Bandwidth Dashboard

SubAccountName ABCD varchar  

Customer Sub-account name in the Bandwidth Dashboard

Here's the breakdown of call types found in the BDR: 


A call that's terminated in a different state than the source phone number
Intrastate A call which is terminated in the same state as the source telephone number

Toll-free Origination

An inbound call which is placed to a toll-free number
Toll-free Termination An outbound call which is placed from a toll-free number
411 Information services (operator)
911 Emergency call
Wholesale Voice Origination Inbound calls made to Bandwidth customers' non toll-free numbers
International  A call that's terminated outside of the 50 US states and Canada

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