How do I open a messaging provisioning issue ticket?


Hart Holloman


If you need help with a messaging provisioning issue, please open a support ticket using the following steps:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Support Center.
  2. In the top-right corner, click Tickets and select Create a ticket.
  3. Under What do you need help with today?, select Number Provisioning Issues. Please note that if you’ve previously used the Line Features reason for these tickets, it should now only be used for CNAM and DL/DA issues. 
  4. Under CC, enter the email(s) you want to copy on the ticket.
  5. Under Subject, enter a brief topic of your request.
  6. Under Number Provisioning Issues, select Messaging Troubleshooting.
  7. Under BW Dashboard Account Number, enter the 7-digit number of the Bandwidth Dashboard account where the phone numbers you’re submitting for investigation are provisioned. You can find your Bandwidth account number when you log into your account or on the Phone Number Details page in the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  8. Under Enter Bandwidth Numbers, enter the phone number(s) you’d like to submit for investigation, separated by commas. If you have multiple accounts, only submit the numbers that are on the same account. For numbers on a different account, please open a separate ticket.
  9. Under the Description of Issue or Concern, enter the details of your request.
  10. Under Attachments, add or drop any relevant files (optional).
  11. Click Submit.

Once the ticket is submitted, the automation will verify that the messaging service on each number is enabled and also provisioned to the account specified. If they are not, those numbers will be specified with a note in the ticket.

Next, the automation will query the current NNID the numbers are assigned to. If it’s not the NNID specified for the Location (SIP Peer) the numbers are provisioned to in the Bandwidth Dashboard, the automation will attempt to update them to the correct one. Verification will take about 15 minutes, and if the update is successful, you’ll be notified in the ticket and those numbers should be ready to use.

If the update is unsuccessful, the ticket will be routed to the Bandwidth Support Team that handles the NNID update process with NetNumber. If you haven’t already provided a valid LOA, you’ll be asked to attach one for any numbers that require an update to the ticket.

If, for any reason, the numbers on your list fall out of the automation, the ticket will be routed to the Bandwidth Support Team for manual review. 

Note: Currently, the automation applies only to 10DLC numbers. You can still submit issues with toll-free numbers via this process, and those tickets will be routed directly to the Bandwidth Support Team.

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