How to add SIP Peers for 9-1-1 service


Molly Katolas


The e911 Dash portal supports up to 10 IPs that may be used to send 9-1-1 traffic.  Users with Administrator privileges have access to create new SIP via the e911 Dash portal.  Once you create your SIP Peer, please open a ticket with us to push it through the firewall so that you may begin using it to route traffic.

Perform the following steps to add a new SIP Peer in the e911 Dash portal:

  1. Log into the e911 Dash portal.
  2. From the Navigation menu, select 'Account' > 'Sip Peers'
  3. Click the 'Create new peer link'
  4. Complete the form and click 'Submit'

Note: Your SIP Peer will remain in a status of Active: False until a member of Bandwidth Account Management is notified to whitelist your IP.

For assistance completing the form, please review the Bandwidth 9-1-1 Configuration and Testing Guide available on the Documents tab in the e911 Dash portal.

Bandwidth supports the provisioning of SIP Peers with IP addresses only at this time. Ranges must be separated out, and DNS entries are not supported.



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