Escalation Contacts


Chase Greiser


To fire up a conversation with a member of the Bandwidth Team, start by opening a support ticket. After that, give us a ring if you'd like to collaborate over the phone (855) 864-7776.

Please allow an appropriate amount of time for the agent to respond before proceeding to engage our escalation contacts.


Issue Type

1st Level Escalation

2nd Level Escalation

3rd Level Escalation

Onboarding & Implementation Arturo Garcia - Manager
919-296-3043 (office)
443-225-8013 (cell)
Liz Streicker - Sr. Manager
919-827-4309 (office)
919-274-9149 (cell)
Kelli Doty - Vice President, Customer Success
919-439-2586 (office)
919-607-0447 (cell)
Account Management (CAM) Casey Dover - Manager
919-695-6833 (cell)
Porting In (Local & Toll-Free) Greg Schrader- Team Lead
Aaron Henderson - Manager

Rob Brezina - Sr. Manager
919-297-1072 (office)
919-295-9288 (cell)

Project Ports & SIP Trunking Chelsea Curtis - Manager

Rob Brezina - Sr. Manager
919-297-1072 (office)
919-295-9288 (cell)

Michelle Opitz - Vice President, Operations
919-964-4217 (cell)

Port Outs or Features Support (DL, DA, LIDB) Alex Yllanes - Manager
Technical Assistance
NOC or Tier 2 Support
Tim Hamill - Manager
919-766-8631 (office)
919-766-8631 (cell)
Mel Gower - Director
Billing Elizabeth Heath - Manager
Tiffany Quinones - Director  

Seth Ray - Sr. Director

Invoice Payments Stevan Bowden - Manager


If the escalation assistance provided by the above individuals is not satisfactory, you may utilize the executive leadership outlined below.  Please allow an appropriate amount of time for each contact to respond before proceeding to the next level.

4th Level Escalation

Ryan Henley - Sr Vice President, Customer & Business Operations

303-949-5471 (office & cell)


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