Short code fees


Katherine Childers


Monthly recurring fees 

If you’re leasing your short code directly from the Short Code Registry, you’ll pay these fees directly to them. 

Fee type Cost
Vanity Short Code Lease $1000 per short code
Random Short Code Lease $500 per short code

One-time fees

During the onboarding or migration of a short code to the Bandwidth network, carriers may charge the following fees. These fees are subject to change without notice by the listed carrier(s) and only apply when the short code is either purchased or migrated from another provider.

Carrier Fee Type Cost
Verizon  Migrations $150 per short code
T-Mobile New Short Codes and Migrations $500 per short code
Aggregator Fee Migrations $500 per short code

Additional fees

For additional information on short code fees and segment rates, please contact your Bandwidth Account or Sales Manager. For additional per-message carrier surcharges, please see this support article.

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