Check Number Portability


Molly Katolas



To begin the process of porting numbers to Bandwidth's network, the first thing we recommend is to check to ensure that the Telephone Numbers are portable and can be submitted on the same port request.

You may submit up to 999 phone numbers on one port order as long as they have the same losing carrier and the Billing Telephone Number (BTN).

Check out our Learning Lab Video on How to Port Telephone Numbers into Bandwidth

Perform the following steps to check if your phone number can be ported to Bandwidth:

  1. Click the ‘Numbers’ tab on the top navigation menu
  2. Then click 'Port'
  3. On this screen, type the numbers you wish to port into the textbox and click ‘Check portability’.

Note: If the system identifies these numbers are portable, then simply click 'start a port order with these numbers'.



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