How to Register a Telephone Number for Messaging


Chase Greiser



Users may adjust SMS settings on individual numbers via the Bandwidth Dashboard to enable telephone numbers for SMS Messaging.  This setting is housed on the Telephone number details page.

Note: If you are a customer who utilizes our HTTP Messaging product, you will first need to ensure that telephone numbers are registered for Messaging before you begin utilizing your Bandwidth Dashboard numbers for Messaging APIs.

To access this setting and make changes, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Home page of the Bandwidth Dashboard, navigate to the 'Search telephone numbers' tool.
  2. Type the phone number into the box and click 'Search'.
  3. On the results screen, click the blue telephone number link.


This will take you to the 'Telephone number details' page, where you may mark the 'Enabled' checkbox to register a number for messaging.


Note: Please open an ticket with Bandwidth Account Management if you would like to adjust your account settings so that new numbers are either 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' by default.

Numbers that are enabled in the Bandwidth Dashboard are then eligible for you to import them into your Bandwidth Application Platform Account.  Here's how: How to Import Bandwidth Dashboard Numbers to Use Messaging APIs


Import Line Options

Users may also change SMS setting on a group of telephone numbers in bulk by using the Import Line Features template.


*Acceptable values in the template for Messaging include: on, off, unchanged, or leave blank for unchanged

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