Why did I receive a 4750 messaging error?


Valeriu Senic


If you received an error code 4750, it generally means the recipient’s carrier has rejected the message but didn’t provide a specific reason.

Possible reasons

  • The carrier's spam filter may have blocked the message.
  • The recipient may not be an active subscriber, have an inactive prepaid account, or have opted out of receiving SMS from this number. 
  • The message may have been sent to an IoT device not configured to receive standard text messages.
  • A temporary issue with the recipient's handset could have prevented message delivery.

How to resolve

  • If the recipient wants to receive messages from this number, ask them to contact their carrier's support.
  • Ask the customer to retest by sending a message. Handset issues can be temporary.

If the issue persists, please open a ticket and provide more details (message content, time of day, etc.) so we can investigate further.

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