How to Update Telephone Number Line Features


Chase Greiser



Users may update Telephone Number Line features, such as outbound Caller ID, inbound Caller ID, Directory Listing and Directory Assistance on the ‘Telephone number details’ page.

Perform the following steps to search for active phone numbers on an account: 

  1. On the Home page of the Bandwidth Dashboard, navigate to the 'Search Telephone Numbers' tool.
  2. Type the phone number into the box and click 'Search'.
  3. On the results screen, click the blue telephone number link.

This will take you to the 'Phone Number Details' page, where you may make any line changes to the phone number(s).


Call forwarding

Allows you to redirect incoming calls to an alternate phone number.

  • Type the 10 digit number in the ‘New forwarding number’ field and click ‘Update line option’.
  • If call forwarding is already provisioned for this phone number, it will appear in the ‘Current forwarding number’ box.  To remove call forwarding, leave the New forwarding number’ field blank and click  ‘Update line option’.

LIDB (Calling name information)

Allows for you to manage the outbound Caller ID display. Once enabled, the Bandwidth CNAM service automatically queries for caller names on inbound calls from service providers who support caller name for their subscribers.

  • Choose the service type (business or residential), and whether you would like the information to appear or to be blocked.
  • In the ‘Calling name to display’ field, enter the name desired.  This field accepts up to 15 characters, including spaces.  Updates take up to 72 hours to complete processing.

CNAM DIsplay (Caller ID)

Allows end users to have the ability to view inbound caller ID on their phone. The system default is set at the Location-Level. The Bandwidth Dashboard allows for more granular control by allowing you to override the settings on the location on a per number basis, if desired.

  • DEFAULT: The system default is set at the Location-Level
  • OFF: Caller ID will not display on inbound calls.
  • ON: Caller ID will display on inbound calls.

DL/DA: Directory Listing

This is a feature that allows a phone number, user information and/or address to be published in the local white pages.

DL/DA: Directory Assistance

This will submit phone number, user information and/or address to 4-1-1 and will provide any callers with the information specified in a 4-1-1 call.

  • Please note, it generally takes up to 72 business hours for information to populate to Directory Assistance and up to one business week to be input into the local white page database.
  • Printed information will appear in the next local white page book release.

Custom URI User Value

This is a SIP method available for forwarding inbound calls to an established resource.

For time-saving purposes, we also offer a method to import CNAM, LIDB and call forwarding, as well as to import directory listing and directory assistance in bulk using a .csv spreadsheet.

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