How to Download Billing Detail Records (BDRs) and Message Detail Records (MDRs)


Chase Greiser



The Bandwidth Dashboard is capable of producing rated call detail reports. We call them Billing Detail Records or BDRs for voice and Message Detail Records or MDRs for messaging.


We offer 5 different reports under the 'Billing Detail Records' section of the Bandwidth Dashboard:

BDRBilling Detail Records are rated call detail reports that information about billing for a customized time range. BDR records are available for 6 months in the Bandwidth Dashboard.

MDR: Message Detail Records contain billing information specific to messaging for a customized time range. MDR records are available for 90 days in the Bandwidth Dashboard.

Statement BDR: Statement BDR Files are generated after your  invoice has been posted and will contain all of the BDRs that we billed on that statement.

Invoices: A copy of your monthly invoice.

DID Snapshot: A list of in-service telephone numbers related to a billing cycle.


Perform the following steps to download these files from the Bandwidth Dashboard:

Click 'Reports' on the top Navigation menu, then 'Billing Detail Records’
Select either BDR or MDR as your Report type.
Choose your Date range.  The options are:
   1. Previous Month
   2. Month to Date
   3. Custom Date range
To pull the Custom report, click the Calendar icon.
Select the beginning date by using the Arrow icon to toggle between months. And Lock in your date with a click.
To select your end date, slide your cursor to the ‘End Date’ icon and choose your date.

Click ‘Download’


This will download an Excel file into your web browser.  Double click to open.  When you first open the file, all of the data is in a single column.

Perform the following steps to break out your file so that each piece of data is in a separate column:

Highlight Column A
From the 'Data' tab, select 'Text to Columns'
This will open a new 'Text to Columns' wizard. For Step 1, choose 'Delimited' and then click 'Next'
Under the 'Delimiters' section, choose 'Other' and type a vertical bar (|) into the textbox.  The keystrokes for this are ‘Shift + Backslash’
Click 'Finish'


Now the content of your spreadsheet has been organized into separate columns.  For more information about what is contained in each of these columns, please review our BDR field descriptions page or MDR field descriptions page.



Ian Reither

It's probably worth mentioning that downloading the CDRs only works in Chrome and Firefox if you allow popups for

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Molly Katolas (Band Member)

Good tip - thanks @Ian!
Popups need to be allowed and we definitely recommend using Chrome when interacting with the Bandwidth Dashboard.

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