How to Port Telephone Numbers into Bandwidth


Chase Greiser



Moving a phone number from one phone carrier to another can be a daunting task. Bandwidth handles number porting smoothly with our easy to use, and easy to understand number porting form.

To begin the process of porting numbers to Bandwidth's network, the first thing we recommend is to check to ensure that the Telephone Numbers are portable and can be submitted on the same port request.

From the top navigation menu, click 'Numbers' and then 'Port'
On this screen, type the numbers you wish to port into the textbox and click 'Check portability.'
Note: If the system identifies these numbers are portable, then simply click “start a port order with these numbers”
On the Create Port-In order page, click “Check Portability” again, this will populate the Losing Carrier field.
Select the subscriber type, either Business or Residential.

For the Port Type, select Partial or Full Port.

  • Full port: Indicates that you are leaving no active numbers or services with the current carrier.
  • Partial port: Indicates the customer is porting away only some of the numbers they have with the current carrier.
Select the ‘Desired Activation Date’.  We recommend choosing a date 4+ business days from your submission date. All of our ports default to activate at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.  For more information on changing your ‘Desired Activation Time’ please watch our video on Customer Activated Ports.
Choose a Sub-Account and Location from the dropdown menu.

Complete the 'Customer information' section:

  • Billing telephone number: the main telephone number on a customer's account. This number could be found on the copy of the bill or could be the main number listed on your end-user’s account.
  • New Billing telephone number: this is only available for Partial Ports. If you would like to keep the remaining lines and services active with the Losing Carrier, enter one of the remaining telephone numbers as the new BTN.
  • Customer name: enter the end-user’s name as it appears with the losing carrier.

  • LOA authorizing person's name: enter the person’s name who authorized the port on the Letter of Authorization.

  • Service account number: this is typically the end-user’s billing account number, which is generally found on their invoice. For some losing carriers, this is a required field.  If you have this information, we recommend that you provide it when submitting your port.

  • Service PIN: this field isn't always required.  Typically PINs are associated with wireless or simple ports.  The end-user should be able to retrieve this information from their losing carrier.
Provide the service address.  We offer a detailed form if your end-user’s address has a pre- or post-directional or an Address Line 2.
Once all the required fields are complete click ‘Begin order’.


*For more information on any of the fields on the Port Order form, please review our Porting Order Form Details page.

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