How to Add Notes to a Port In Order


Chase Greiser


Notes are the main way a member of the Bandwidth LNP Team will update you on orders and any rejections you may receive. Notes allow you to communicate with an Order Analyst to aid in the diagnosis and resolution of order rejections.  You may use Notes to ask for clarification, request a CSR and make other special requests.


Perform the following steps to add a note to your Port In Order:


Scroll down to the bottom of the Order Details page.
Locate the ‘Add note to order’ section.
Type your message into the textbox and click the update button once finished.


The Bandwidth Team will now be able to review your message. Please keep in mind that this will not update any fields on the order itself. 

One of the keys to order notes is understanding when a Bandwidth team member will see the note.


If the Losing Carrier flags your order for a rejection, then your order will be assigned to an Order Analyst, usually within one business day.
Your Order Analyst will provide an explanation of the rejection in the order notes. From that point forward, we will review any note you add and will reply within approximately 4 to 6 business hours.
If a Port-In is not rejected by the losing carrier, your numbers will port without any intervention from an Order Analyst. In this situation, if you add notes to the order, they will NOT be flagged for review. If you need any assistance on these “Clean” orders, please open a support ticket via the Support Portal or dial into our support line.


If you would like to receive e-mail notifications when an Order Analyst adds a Note, please see our video on Subscribing to Order Updates.

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