Bandwidth project porting guidelines


Hannah Macchioni


With Bandwidth's enhanced porting experience, you can port up to 20,000 numbers from an unlimited number of losing carriers, and up to 5,000 numbers from a single losing carrier simultaneously. This allows you to manage significantly more phone numbers without the need for project port tickets, thus saving you time and giving you more control over your porting process.  

Project port tickets must meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum of 3 losing carrier Service Provider Identifiers (SPIDs)
  • Minimum of 600 Telephone Numbers (TNs) per losing carrier SPID
  • Submitted to the Project Porting Team via a project port spreadsheet

The standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) for project porting is 3 weeks. To submit a project port, please open a ticket with the Bandwidth Project Porting Team.

If you’re unsure how many SPIDs you’re working with, please open a ticket with the Bandwidth Porting Team and we’ll be happy to scrub the numbers for you.

Note: A scrub is a breakdown of the phone numbers’ current carriers, paired with a breakdown of the Bandwidth Tier. If you’re porting away from more than 3 SPIDs, you’ll want to split the order into multiple project requests.

If your order meets all of the criteria for a project port, perform the following steps:

  1. Download and complete our project port spreadsheet. Please see the instructions on how to complete a project port spreadsheet for more information.
  2. Open a ticket with the Bandwidth Project Porting Team.

Please reach out to your Account Manager regarding pricing related to project porting. Not sure who your Account Manager is? Please open a ticket with the Bandwidth Support Team or call us at (855) 864-7776!

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