How to Complete a Project Port Spreadsheet


Chase Greiser



At Bandwidth we offer a Project Porting service to assist you in moving large quantities of numbers over to the Bandwidth network.  For this service, users will need to complete a Project Port Spreadsheet before submitting numbers for a large port. That way, the Projects Team can quickly locate pertinent information when processing your order.


After you have reviewed our Project Porting Guidelines page to confirm that your port qualifies as a project, perform the following steps:

First, download the Project Port Spreadsheet (use the link available at the bottom of this page).

Start filling out the spreadsheet in Cell A-2. Each telephone number needs to be entered in it’s own row on the spreadsheet.


Column A Your Bandwidth Account Name or Account Number.
Column B The Billing Telephone Number for the End User’s account. 
Column C The End User’s name as it appears with the losing carrier.
Column D-H The End-User's Service address. 
Column I The numbers that you’d like to port to your Bandwidth Account.
Column J You may request an FOC date. If you leave this column blank, then we'll submit for the first available date.
Column K-L The End User’s PIN and Account number. These fields are required if we are porting from a wireless carrier.
Column M The person’s name who authorized the port on the LOA.
Column N The date the signature was acquired.
Column O Indicate if your telephone number will be enabled for SMS and MMS.
Column P If you don’t expect more than 250 thousand Minutes of use per month, please type ‘Yes’ in this column. 
Column Q Provide the Sub-Account and Location in which you’d like the numbers to reside.


Once you have the Project spreadsheet completed, you are ready to submit a ticket to our Projects team.


*Please contact your Sales Representative regarding pricing related to project porting.



Jean Nahomni Mani

On the project spreadsheet there is a column for "Eable SMS/MMS YES or NO?" This is not address in the video, so I assume to leave this column blank. Thank you.

Chase Greiser (Band Member)

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your question. In this field, please indicate if you'd like for your telephone number to be enabled for Messaging services. Acceptible responses in this field are 'Yes' or 'No'. If you don't subscribe to messaging services, you may either type 'No' or you may leave this field blank. If you have any additional questions, feel free to open a ticket.

Happy porting!

-Chase Greiser

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